In Search of Dignity and Justice

A TEDx talk by Documentary Photographer and Padma Shri awardee Sudharak Olwe.


An Interview with Mary E. John by Dalit Camera.

Student Suicides in University Campuses

Nikhila Henry speaks at Think Dissent Resist Conference, 2016 organised by SIO Kerala.

Caste and Higher Education

Talk by Anoop Kumar at Azim Premji University

Merit Interrupted

Made by Domala Mallaiah, Merit Interrupted looks critically at the functioning of hostels that are run by the department of social welfare, Andhra Pradesh for dalit college students who come from the rural area.

Dr Ambedkar in Contemporary Times

Anand Teltumble at Tata Institute of Social Sciences organised by Radical Study Circle, TISS.

Jai Bhim – A Cry for Liberation

A video by Manoj Bhandare and Raju Hittalamani.

Politics Takes over Art

An interview with the filmmakers of ‘Caste on the Menu Card’ by Nakal Singh Sawney on NewsClickin.

Reading B.R. Ambedkar in the University: Reflections on communities of meaning

Public Lecture by Sharmila Rege at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, 2013.

Translating Baluta

Reading from Baluta by Pradnya Daya Pawar and Jerry Pinto as part of Culture Cafe organised by School of Media and Cultural Studies. Baluta is dalit writer and poet Daya Pawar’s autobiography.