Caste in the cosmopolis is considered to be a myth. The distinct segregation of the space, access and opportunity of the village gets somewhat ambiguous with the multitude of identities in the city. The cosmopolis has its own systems – blurring out the identities one migrates with, and creating new ones. And while the diversity of the cosmopolis allows for greater negotiation of this pernicious inequity, caste doesn’t get wiped out with urbanisation. Cities have their own interpretations and manifestations of caste. Their oppressive structures systematically segregate people, opportunity and access to resources. The porosity of the city allows for mobility, interaction, struggle and subversion, but caste continues to prevail in the way we eat, speak, work, live and access space.

CasteMopolitan Mumbai is a multimedia web archive that seeks to contribute to the debates around caste in the city and its pervasiveness in everyday life. With special focus on Bombay/Mumbai, the centre of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s anti-caste movement, the archive features textual, audio, and visual content created by various artists, researchers and activists resisting caste and its everyday manifestations in the castemopolis. The different sections of the archive are: