Mula Vimutti

Trailer | Director’s Note | Synopsis

Two first generation Dalit migrants reminisce about their past sharing the implications of their caste identity as they moved to Mumbai-the city of Dreams. The film looks into their lives exploring their views about discrimination, religion, marriage, education and upward mobility; as they have transformed over the years. Juxtaposing their encounters with caste in village and the city, the narrative traces the subtleties with which caste gets manifested in the various aspects of their everyday lives. Does the city provide a refuge from rigid structures of caste that pervade rural India or has Ambedkar’s historical dictum fallen short? How can a Dalit retain his caste identity with pride without being victimised by societal structures set in disfavouring hierarchies due to years of oppression? Addressing such questions, the film seeks to establish Anita and Prakash’s negotiation within an urban setting to keep their caste identity intact while seeking deliverance from old-age hierarchies and the systemic conservatism.

Duration: 27 mins 12 secs
Language: Marathi and Hindi (with English subtitles)
Directors: Deepti Murali, Disha K R, Kshitij Katiyar, Nishajyoti Sharma

Silence Please!

Trailer | Director’s Note | Synopsis

‘Silence Please!’ is an exploration of how caste is dealt in different schools of Mumbai. Through interviews and personal accounts of the students, teachers and education experts, the film questions the politics behind caste being “history” and how it is made invisible in the urban space. By extension, the film also looks at the attitudes of students and teachers towards the subject of reservation and food choices.

Duration: 21 mins 39 secs
Language: Hindi and English (with English subtitles)
Directors: Elisha Walia, Faebita Rahiman, Nevin Thomas, Shubhra Dixit, Smita Vanniyar